Uni-Body Repair:  The majority of today's vehicles no longer have a conventional frames.  The exterior, interior and even the glass are part of the Uni-Body that come together to not only support the vehicle, but the occupants as well.   Our trained Technicians will not only identify offset vehicle measurements provided from the OEM, but return these measurements back to pre-existing condition.

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At Windus Auto Collision every repair has a limited life time warranty.  We service all makes, all models, and all budgets.   We are a Full Service Collision Repair Facility that works directly with your insurance company!

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR):  This process not only limits the vehicle's stay with us, but saves the original refinish of the vehicle.  The process involves massaging a dent out from the back side or a simple glue pull and finesse. Utilized for over 70 years, PDR has become main stream and is not only utilized for hail, but minor dents as well.  This is a very popular request for door dings!

Collision Repair: For the last 28 years our core focus has been repairing collision damaged vehicles

Specialty Services:  We do not shy away from things others may shun upon.  We have done Peddle Cars, Motorcycles, Go Carts, Old Iron Patio Furniture and the list goes on and on.....